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ITE WebQuest on Air Quality Evaluation


Observe, Research, Analyze, Create & Enjoy!!!

ntroduction: This Web-Quest is designed for school students to analyze the scientific reason behind how indexing of the Air Quality works and also to know about the condition of air of students own locality and city while comparing it with that of several other places like National Capital Delhi, Capital of their own states, etc.

Steps to complete the WebQuest

 Task - 1 (Day 1) Group / Individual Activity

Go to the following Google sheet by clicking here then go to sheet "graph" then find the Air Quality index of the places mentioned in the sheet. You can use this link https://air-quality.com/place/india/howrah/e7b6660f?lang=en&standard=aqi_us to find the AQI. After which you will be able to see a graph automatically created alongside.

Task 2

Take a screenshot of that graph along with your findings fro the graph and upload it using the google form link : https://forms.gle/TotvcVHFRL9CNg818.

Discussion Session (Air Quality Index)

This discussion session is for you to brainstorm on what makes the Air Quality Index go higher and lower. Based on the discussion you will be given your home work. This is live activity which will be done during the online session, however if you are seeing after 14th May then you can go to Task 3

In-case of Queries you can write it on the forum : https://wqdiscussionforum.blogspot.com/

Task - 3

Create your own artefact (Project) (by 17th May)

Based on the discussion session, you need to do some research work around the factors that make the Air Quality Index and also to go in-depth of those factors.

The factors may include the content of pollutants in air like PM10, PM2.5, Carbon Monoxide, Sulfur Dioxide etc or anything else that you find as a factor to determine Air Quality Index.

Your Research work needs to be showcased you using any artefact which can be made in groups or individually. Link of some online tools has been shared with you below which you can use to create the artefacts.





  • You can also use any other tools if you want or if you are finding it difficult Chart Paper to explain your research work .

Some guidelines / suggestions has been given for you to refer while creating the artefact of your research work :

  1. The artefact can include a Poster / Mind-map / Flyer or anything in one page that describes your research work.

  2. Select the tool which you feel is best suited for your artefact.

  3. You can collaborate with your friends or other participants of the Web Quest and for this you may use the discussion forum through the Link : https://wqdiscussionforum.blogspot.com/

  4. There should be a logical flow & connection of the content.

  5. Your should analyze your artefact very well and should prepare for presentation as well.

  6. if you are creating a blog then do not use any copyright images try to look for Images with free to use permission

Task - 4

Upload the artefacts created by you

Once you are done creating your artefact in group or individually, you need upload it through the google form below:


Task - 5 (Day -2)

After Joining the Online session on 18th may 2020 at 7 pm using the zoom link given earlier

You will need to join your respective group virtual rooms followed by which you need to present your artefacts in your groups and also give feedback to other students artefacts. One or two artefacts from each group will have to be selected by other students which will be shared in the Main room where all participants will be present.

Task - 6 Play Live Quiz (Day 2)

Quiz Link will be shared during Live session


Important Links :Link to find Air Quality of places : https://air-quality.com/place/india/howrah/e7b6660f?lang=en&standard=aqi_us
Discussion Forum : https://wqdiscussionforum.blogspot.com/
Link to Upload artefact by 17th May : https://forms.gle/PwBkqvVg3H8R1Vnr5


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