11-03-2024 To 13-03-2024



We want to know what is the gas that is coming out around us, like while cooking food or when we are burning plastic, what is it, how is that thing made or what things is it made from, like polythene , plastic . you will choose and study one specific material like tubelite , gold , water exactra...


Find wich material make some thing like any thing what we use our real life for example gold what elements use in his material his atom and his molecule


Students will understand the basic concepts of chemical elements, including their properties, classification, and significance in the periodic table.

Activity 1:Begin with a brief discussion about everyday materials and their composition.

Introduce the concept of chemical elements and their role

What is a Chemical Element?




Discuss the definition of a chemical element and its representation on the periodic table.

Hand out periodic table printouts to students.

Guide students to identify and understand the basic information on the periodic table, such as atomic number, symbol, and atomic mass.

Activity 2: Properties of Elements


Discuss the properties of elements, including physical and chemical properties.

Use visuals or element samples to illustrate different properties.

Conduct a class discussion on how properties vary across different elements.

Activity 3: Classification in the Periodic Table



Explain the organization of the periodic table, including periods and groups.

Discuss the significance of each element's position in the periodic table.

Explore common trends such as the increase of atomic mass and atomic number across a period.

Activity 4: Interactive Exploration