31-10-2022 To 05-11-2022



TELTA-21 Computational Thinking Camp

Welcome to the Problem / Challenge Selection Page for Class 6 & 7

You can select any one problem of your choice and work in a group of 4-5 Students to create solution for the given problem. You can also reach out to the teacher incase you have doubts or questions. If you want to work on solving any other problem which is not listed here then you can consult it with the teacher.

If you require any tools or kit you can refer to this sheet to ask from the teacher regarding the exact device / sensor or machine required for your prototype.

Problem Statements for the Camp Activity (Select any one)

Problem Statement - 1 (Street Lights)

Most street lights are still turned on during day time which results in wastage of electricity. So create a gadget/device/prototype solution to solve this  problem in your locality.

Also prepare a presentation/plan on how the entire solution can be actualized with minimum changes in the current infrastructure.

To make the prototype or solution you can use any application / tool of your choice however there are few suggetsed tools and application given below:-

1. Scratch

2. Arduino

3. Multimedia

4. Spreadsheet

Problem Statement - 2 (Play at Different Planets)

As you know there is a force on earth which attracts everything towards itself. Explore about the force whch is being discussed here and also explore about the same force in different planets.

Create a game to simulate the effect of that force at different planets. You can use NASA websites to know more about the planets and you can use any application  / tool of your choice to make the game.

Suggested Websites, Tools and Applications are given below :-
2. Scratch
3. Python

Problem Statement - 3 (Nutrition)

Consider that Maharashtra govt. has launched a programme to provide nutritional food to some of the students in your school who are malnourished. Your school head has given you the charge to make a record of students who are under malnutrition / underweight category.
You can use BMI to find out underweight students, first explore about BMI and find out how can you calculate BMI.

Prepare a spreadsheet to calculate the BMI of your classmates and find out the students in the underweight category. Also prepare a diet plan for your underweight friend. Find these data for at least 8 of your friends (4 Boys and 4 Girls). Create a chart to compare the BMI of your friends. Try to identify if you see any relationship with BMI that you can see with height & weight.

You will get a chance to interact with a doctor who will elaborate on the concept of nutrition. Elements of a balanced diet, What kind of food and in what quantities are needed for a healthy diet

Identify the Instruments that will be required by you to calculate BMI and you ask the teacher to give you the same.

You can use application /tool of your choice but not limited to :

1. Spreadsheet
2. Scratch
3. Arduino
4. Python 

Problem Statement - 4 (Air Quality)

As you know that due to increasing pollutions the quality of air is becoming bad. But how do we understand if the quality of air is good or bad?
Explore about how can you measure the quality of Air and then compare the qualiy of air using spreadsheet of 7-8 Places in your county including of your locaity.

Also compare the Quality of Air for 21st October to 28th October and to analyze for any findings.

Once you have compared Air Quality of Various places, Create a device using which you can take out the current Air Quality and put the reading on your spreadsheet.
Explore the reasons due to which the quality of air gets bad or better and add them in your Spreadsheet.

You can use application /tool of your choice, suggetsed are but not limited to :

1. Spreadsheet
2. Scratch
3. Arduino
4. Python