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Communicable Disease


Most of us don't spend much time thinking about microorganisms, however they can have a major impact on our health. Pathogens are those microorganisms that can cause the communicable diseases that make us sick, and cause many illness. In this Web-Quest you will choose and study one specific communicable disease. You will research its cause, how it is transmitted, symptoms, treatments and many other facts. Once you have researched the communicable disease you will create notes of the same and create a quiz using quiz maker link given below.

Step One:

Web search for a list of communicable diseases. Look through them and pick one communicable disease you would like to research.

After Selecting the Communicable disease, fill up the google form in the link given below:

Step Three:

Find information regarding the below given areas of your selected communicable disease. Some links have been provided to help you, however you may use any reliable websites.

*Means of transmission:

*Ways to prevent spread of the disease

*How is the disease diagnosed?

*Signs and symptoms of the disease

*Vaccine if applicable

*Estimated number of people effected each year (or most recent year you can find statistics for)

*Interesting statistics about the disease

*Complications associated with the disease

*Pathogen that causes the disease

*History of the disease

Some website links to help you find information…:-








After Research please follow the following Tasks:-

1. Use your findings to create a Quiz questionnaire or a Quiz using quiz-maker.com with 2 or 4 options for each question. The questions should be made in your own words, try and make questions which are challenging and allows more thinking.

  • Remember: Do not directly copy and paste questions from websites, but use your own words.

  • [Create your Quiz in your suitable language at the following link: https://www.quiz-maker.com/]

  • Please send us your quiz link via google form given below:



2. Gather all your questions and put in a google form given below and participate in the discussion session with a doctor or microbiologist via the zoom link given earlier.

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