25-09-2020 To 30-09-2020



WB Madrasa ITE Web-Quest: Learning English


English is a foreign language for us but we have immense necessity to learn this language. when we start learning a foreign language it is obvious that we face many  obstacles .For overcoming these obstacles we need to remain motivated and for remaining motivated we need reasons to learn .

This ITE Web-Quest on English Language will help students to:

  • Developing communicative skills
  • Enhancing the uses of vocabulary
  • Learning how to use different mobile apps and advanced technology to create and express in English.
  • To access internet to gain more knowledge of English .
  • Learning the usage of parts of speech
  • Structuring simple sentences

ক্রিয়াকলাপ ( Web-Quest Activities) Day-1

Step One

Students will be introduced to the activities of the Web-Quest. The anchors will introduce the tasks and the guidelines.

Live Activity- 1 “About Yourself”

Live Activity – 2 “Word Wall” Activity

Live Activity –  3 “ Interpret a Picture”

Step two :

Students will choose a topic to interview a known person.

Topics to be selected by students for Research through interview with parents/Friends/others they know

  • COVID -Changes in daily routine
  • Celebration of Festivals – Ways of   celebration
  • Experiences of Any Natural Disaster


বাড়ির কাজ: গবেষণা এবং উদ্ভাবন (লিপিবদ্ধ) করা (Home Work : Research and create)

  • Prepare questions for interviewing elders/friends on selected topic
  • Take interview & Record Audio / Video
  • Create an Artefact based on your interview using Apps like : Voice Recorder / Kine Master / Similar application

Once you are done with completing the artefact you need to upload it using the following link given below:


DAY-2 Home Work : Research and create

Please Click Here to Upload your Project: